People who made my dream of becoming a piano teacher come true


Pop Piano Student

Reeves is an extremely patient and effortlessly talented piano teacher who is ever so encouraging and radiates much positivity. It is always a joy to go for class and I look forward to it every week :)

Although I have played classical piano for a good 10 years of my life, I was never confident (sometimes even ashamed) of my skills and didn't enjoy playing at all. Subsequently, I stopped playing for the next 10 years and and pretty much forgot what I learnt before. But my love for music prompted me to take the step in learning the instrument again and I must say I'm so happy I did.

I was initially afraid to start lessons again because I recalled all the daunting theory lessons and dreadful scales (and scoldings) from my earlier years of playing classical piano. Despite having Reeve's contact, it actually took me a good 2 months to take the leap of faith to drop a message. But Reeves has proven to be the exact opposite of what I remembered piano lessons to be like. Every lesson is fruitful and engaging, and I am always excited to practise when I get home after class.

Would highly recommend Reeves to all levels of piano players - beginner or otherwise. He teaches at a comfortable pace and his personalised lesson plans never fail to constantly pique interest levels. It's my privilege to have such an awesome piano teacher and friend :)


Pop Piano Student

My first piano lesson with Reeves started less than 3 months ago, and I embarked on the most fulfilling journey that I regret not taking much earlier. He has a huge amount of personal talent and a vast accumulation of music knowledge; but more importantly is his capacity and passion in teaching. He would try to understand his students' objectives and preferences before starting the very first lesson, hence he is able to tailor lessons to fit the students needs.

The thing I like most about Reeves is that he employs practical yet effective teaching methods to help you achieve what you want much faster, which is important for adult learners like us who do not have a lot of free time to practise. He also has an ability to explain and make difficult concepts easier to understand, and he doesn't make you feel bad about your mistakes. He's always there to help you and ever so encouraging. 

His patience and friendly personality also made him approachable and easy to interact with during lessons, and he doesn't mind even when I am very annoying at

times. Hahaha. Lessons with him are always full of laughter and enjoyable! 

He has definitely surpassed my expectations and I have learnt so much from him within this short period of time. I am truly grateful for all of the time and effort he has spent on making me into a better musician.

To sum it up, he is an excellent teacher (now friend! :)) with highly professional performing skills, comprehensive knowledge of music, and a wonderful personality whom I would willingly recommend to anyone who wants to take up piano lessons.  


Pop Piano Student

Learning the piano is like a dream which I could finally pursue after university graduation, and I found Reeves after doing a quick search online.

Positive reviews convinced me to take up lessons with him.

It has been around half a year since I started, and I must say that the sessions are always fun and inspiring.

Reeves treats his students like friends, and is ever so patient in explaining or demonstrating.

He also understands the circumstances that working adults face, and is always flexible in re-arranging his lessons to suit his students' schedules, as well as being empathetic when work preoccupied most of my practice time (something that I really appreciate!).

Most importantly, I love it that Reeves really tailors his lessons to his students' needs and expectations individually, and paces them to stretch their potential as necessary.

For me, I wanted to learn theory as well as work towards improvisation/composition, and Reeves has always prepared different exercises that cater to each for my lessons/at-home practices.

He'll make sure that we don't get bored by technical practice this way as well, and lets us choose our desired songs for practice too!

Thanks Reeves for making all the lessons so enjoyable that I look forward to them each week! Will recommend aspiring adults out there to sign up with you ;)


Pop Piano Student

I started piano with Reeves about a year ago and I must say it has always been very fulfilling and fun!

He is a very patient and flexible teacher and would often try his best to attend to my queries.

He is also very understanding and would never put pressure on me whenever I come to lessons unprepared. He tries to make every lesson enjoyable and stress free.

He takes each lesson as a way of relaxation and fun for his students and that is something I appreciate.

His method of teaching is also very different from music schools where learning traditional songs and going by the book is never necessary.

Reeves makes the effort to accommodate to his students’ learning preferences and impart knowledge in areas the student’s interests lies. Example, learning only songs the student prefers.

This thus sets him apart from a music school. I’m glad I have picked up piano with Reeves! Thank you for being so inspiring, motivational and

encouraging! 😊


Pop Piano Student

Reeves is a patient teacher who is flexible with his timings.

This helps a lot as I am studying and working at the same time. 

He makes learning easy and fun. 

He caters to what you are interested in learning and makes sure you understands what you are learning rather than just memorising.

 I will definitely recommend him to others!


Pop Piano Student

I always love piano since childhood, but never had the chance to learn it.

Always thought it's difficult to start as an adult now.

I am thankful Reeves to have given me the confident and I told him I wanted to learn 2 songs to play during my birthday day celebrations... 

He patiently taught me thru and I can at least play a simple one, after few trials with him. 

He is awesome, talented, helpful and definitely the best piano teacher I have know.
Will sure recommend all my friends who want to learn piano to go to him.


Pop Piano Student

There is a saying, a teacher takes a hand, open a mind and touch a heart. I believe Reeves has touched many heart of his students through his music & teaching.

Reeves is passionate about teaching, patient and encouraging. I enjoy every lesson with Reeves. His lessons are fun, creative and customised accordinging to individual student’s interest. Reeves is also very accommodating in scheduling lessons which is suitable for adult learners with tight schedule.

Reeves is a teacher, a friend and a brother that I look up to. Thanks for making every lesson so enjoyable! I can play more of my favourite songs now


Pop Piano Student

I must thank Reeves for introducing piano improvisation to me, for I love playing my favorite pop songs on the piano, and not classical music. 

Reeves is extremely passionate in what he do and that explains why he is always going the extra mile for his students.

Thank you for helping me regain my musical passion!


Pop Piano Student

I would like to take this opportunity to express my deepest appreciation to My piano teacher, Reeves!! Happy Teacher's Day!

Reeves is truly a marvellous and amazing teacher. His remarkable talent, vase knowledge and passion truly inspires me. He's always there to encourage and goes beyond to understand every student's needs and interest. Thank you so much for your patience and encouragements!

Being someone with zero music background and a little phobia with learning music, it takes a lot of courage to step out of comfort zone. But Reeves have made all lessons so much fun and enjoyable. Learning piano is no longer a childhood dream anymore.

It is easy to find a teacher with in-depth knowledge, but definitely hard to meet one with great inspirational like Reeves!

Thank you Reeves for being so accommodating in scheduling lessons and always making lessons so enjoyable yet achieving the important learning points

It has been a great pleasure learning from him and more lessons to come!


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