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Am I too old to learn piano?

Hello everyone, Reeves here. Thank you for visiting my website.

As a Piano teacher, I get these questions a lot.

"When did you start learning the piano?"

"Am I too old to learn?"

"Do I have the talent to learn piano?"

I started learning the piano when i was 19. It was a period of time when I was very uncertain on what I want to do with my life.

My grades were okay, but I failed my maths and science, which in other words, I did not have many options in the tertiary education.

I tried a couple of courses and it didn't turn out well for me. I was kinda down and out until one day, I watched a Jay Chou concert on the dvd and there's this part where he play and sing on the piano. It totally changed my life.

I decided that I want to learn piano.

Soon after, I signed up a piano lesson with a private piano teacher near to my place and I never looked back. I was really into the instrument and practice really hard at it. Within 4 years, I was able to complete my piano studies with the teacher and eventually I was hired to be a piano teacher at a music school. Will share more on that in the future posts.

Bascially, a little bit about myself. Many would think that "hey you became a piano teacher in 4 years, you must be really talented"

The truth is, I am not. Not even close.

Before I started my piano lessons, my pitching was terrible, I can't tell if i am off pitch and my sense of rhythm is simply horrendous. I have friends who are musically talented and I often have to spend much more time to figure things out like chords, the right rhythm to a songs.

The key for "talentless" people like myself is to practice, enjoy what you play and to truly understand what you play.

Don't just learn music for the sake of qualification, it will not last as you wouldn't want to touch the instrument after getting a certain qualification.

Take time to understand yourself. The types of music that you like, study music theory to understand how music really works and practice as much as you can.

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