What You Can Expect Per Lesson

1. Scales

There are many scales in music but for pop piano wise, the most commonly used scales are the major and minor. Learning the scales has a few benefits, it helps you to

  • Play By Ear

  • Improvise Coordination

  • Improve Your Technique

2. Songs

I will give you a new song every single lesson. There are a few types of scores/chord charts that I use to help you become a more versatile pianist.

  • Leadsheet - Melody with Chords. Scores like this are basically guides that helps you to improvise with minimum sight reading.

  • Pre- Arranged scores. Scores like this are meant to be played as written and it’s excellent for sight reading and learning a new genre.

  • Chord charts - Chord charts are great for using it as a guide when you want to play and sing or play by ear.

3. Theory

Theory wise, I will normally teach the traditional music theory and contemporary music theory. Rest assure that I will only teach theories that helps in your development as a pianist. Meaning that I would not spend time on certain theories that exam going students learn that has nothing to do with Piano.

4. Musicianship

There are a few components in this section that I work on to help you improve as a musician.

  • Sight-Reading - This is basically to help you read and play songs more confidently on the spot

  • Transposition - This will allow you to understand chords better and change keys while singing on the spot

  • Chords Fill-In - This will help you figure out chord progression and understand chords better

  • Fingering Planning - This will help you develop good finger movement to help you play smoothly going forward

  • Aural Training - This will help you improve your hearing and have the ability to play by ear.

Please note that these point are just for your reference on how I would normally conduct my lessons. I will customise the lessons according to your preferences and work towards your objectives as a musician. I look forward to helping you become the pianist that you aim to be! =)



Enjoy The Music You Created


"Play Your Favourite Songs"

The Pop Piano Course is a course that focus on learning and playing the songs that you love. There is no background required for this course and students have over 1000 pop songs to choose from. Alternatively, students may choose the songs that they wish to learn and I'll prepare accordingly =)

What you will learn from this course.*

1. Major and Minor Scales
2. Reading of Leadsheets
3. Rhythm Training
4. Notes Reading
5. Contemporary Music Theory
6. And of course, a new pop song every one or two weeks. 

*These are just reference to some of the things that I will teach in this course. The lesson can be customize according to your preference.

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Across Many Genres"

Contemporary piano lesson

Contemporary, is a big genre and comprises of many genres. To some people, music is simply "pop and classical".

Alot of students, when i first got into a discussion with them would have the idea that other than classical, all the other genres are "pop". But little that they know there are many other genres of music around. Blues, Bossa Nova, Rock, Ballads etc.

I have spend my life researching and learning other genres of music to make myself and more all rounded pianist. And also, the ability to be a more complete teachers for my students, hoping that i could pass my knowledge on and spread the idea of "fun music playing".

Some music teachers, unfortunately teaches pop in a "classical way" which is, to read off straight from the score.

This is TOTALLY not the way pop pianist play and often leads to the death of interest of pop music students. My way of teaching pop includes, improvisation, technique, ear-training, pop music theory, sight-reading(optional in this genre), song writing, rhythm training, different genres.

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"Rock On"

This course basically focus on the skills and technique that a keyboardist requires in a band.

Music fundamentals like theory, rhythm, ear training, improvisation will be taught. In addition to that, students will be taught on how to use a synthesizer, what should a keyboardist do in a band, what are the roles that belongs to a keyboardist in a band. Other than synthesizers, students will be taught on how to use an arranger as well. 

Students may choose to bring their own keyboard or, you may wish to use the keyboard provided. 


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