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Hello! Welcome to my website. My name is Reeves Wong and I'm a full time Piano Teacher/Pianist.

I recognise the potential in each one of my students. With my customisable approach, I’ve seen my students’ self-esteem and skill-set consistently rise. I love what I do and it makes me happy to be able to share my passion with others. Since starting as a private teacher in 2011, my results are a testament to the fact that my system works. I’m a patient, adaptable, and professional Music Teacher ready to help you reach your goals. Get in touch today so we can start working together.



Experience as a teacher and musician


Since working as a Pop Piano Instructor since 2011, I have had the opportunity to teach over 500 students to date. My teaching styles are flexible and customised to cater to my student's objectives.

Some of the music schools I've worked for includes,

  • Yamaha Music Asia (Singapore)

  • Play By Ear Music School

  • Hark Music


Apart from working as a Pop Piano Teacher, I am also working as a wedding pianist and performed in various venues such as Fullerton, 15 Degree Marina, Conrad Centennial, St Regis, Marriott Tangs Plaza etc. I have also took on other assignments that are non-wedding related. 

Some of my performance background includes,

  • Resident Pianist @ Singapore Marriott Hotel

  • Pianist for new performers' auditions at Resorts World Sentosa

  • Pianist for Global Insurance Forum at Shangri-La Hotel Singapore

  • Pianist for NUS Duke (Medical Graduate Singapore)

  • Keyboardist for "Jalan Kayu Day”

  • Keyboardist for “Superheros of Hope event at NUS

  • Keyboardist for SingHealth sharing event at Marina Bay Sands

  • Pianist for Hewlett-Packard's Star Event at Ritz Carlton Millenia.



About Reeves

My name is Reeves Wong and I am a full time Pianist/Keyboardist and Piano/Keyboard Instructor. 

I used to be like a lot of the piano students out there. Practicing and playing the piano for the sake of a cert. Never even once knowing or understanding what I was playing and why I was playing it in that way.

Deep in my heart, I have passion for contemporary music. If you do not understand what does it means, it basically means everything else other than Classical. After I completed my training with my previous teacher, I went on to teach classical music at a music school. Basically the same old cycle of 3 songs a year for the sake of passing the examination.

I didn't like it. In fact, I was sad when some of my students didn't want to come to my class. There was this once time when I have this student who was constantly asking me to teach her a song by Jay Chou and I had to reject her because her exam was coming in two weeks time. She eventually quit after the examination. 

I decided that I HAVE to do something about it. And therefore, I decided to do deep research on how music works, studied contemporary theory extensively and spent many many hours on the piano.

I now have taught over a hundreds of students and I'm enjoying my work everyday. Teaching and performing has become so much fun! I have huge confidence that my teaching method would help you.



889a Woodlands Drive 50
Singapore, 730890


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